Physical development

is as important as cultivating knowledge

Fostering social knowledge and foreign languages in children is becoming increasingly important to parents however, studies have shown that children learn more effectively when they are in good physical, as well as mental health.

According to research, regular physical activity will:

  • Increase concentration – improve academic performance
  • Stimulate intelligence & creativity
  • Enhance immunity - help your child sleep and eat well
  • Develop communication & interpersonal networking skills

Improve your child’s physical health

at CaliKids Academy

CaliKids Academy is proud to offer a friendly, safe and fun environment that will help your kids achieve more, not only the benefits of physical training:


Help your children develop their skills

Ourclasses are designed specifically for children aged from 6 months to 12 years old, helping children develop both strength and social skills. We offer the curricula which is internationally certified and grading systems by our qualified trainers.


The classrooms and training equipment at the CaliKids Academy are specifically designed and imported from leading countries in the world, giving children a safe and professional training space.