Birthday Parties


Let our Birthday Team make your childs birthday dream come true. We offer several birthday packages for you to choose what you would like us to provide for your childs’ special day..

All packages include:

  • A private studio
  • special classes by our CaliKids Teachers
  • MC / host
  • Games and activities
  • Food and beverage options
  • Photo and video coverage
  • and much more...

Please see our ad in this booklet or at the club. Contact our Member Services staff at CaliKids Academy



What is Performance Week?

Performance Weeks will be held at the end of every 12 week Term for all classes. It is a time for children to demonstrate the skills and abilities they have acquired during their sessions at CaliKids Academy. One of the key life skills needed for them to show off the skills taught and to appear before the group is confidence, but more importantly, is the ability to work within a team; how they are able to support each other to achieve success.

As well, building discipline in accepting constructive criticism and feedback on their Term “Score Card*” report and awarding “Certificate of Achievement” to those who successfully graduated to the next level.

We encourage parents to come along and participate, to promote a healthy and successful relationship with their child.

* What is a “Score Card”?

A Score Card is a record of the skills taught within that Academy Class over the past twelve weeks based on a leveled curriculum for that subject area. For each child skills are graded on a scale consistent across Calikids Academy. Score cards include a written of encouragement for your child as well as the signature of their coach for the Academy Class they attended the whole team.



One-To-One Lessons (Private Lessons)


We provide the opportunity for private trainings in order to be more focused on bringing your child to the next level within their Academy. Trainings are offered in our entire range of Academy classes in order to help students achieve high level gains. Students will get specialized training from one of our amazing CaliKids teachers.