One of the main benefits of taekwondo is improving a child's strength and balance. Because taekwondo depends on kicking, practitioners learn to balance their weight on one leg to leave the other one free to strike. This also helps strengthen the muscles of the torso. It can also help improve coordination. Arm and leg muscles become stronger as a child practices strikes. Learning the patterns and sequences of taekwondo requires concentration and attention, and sparring requires focus on both one's self and one's opponent. Taekwondo teaches breathing and meditation techniques to assist in learning focus.


45-50 minutes


Develop focus, coordination, discipline, strength, following directions, develop speed, flexibility, balance, self-respect, concentration, self-control, agility, self-esteem, courtesy, perseverance.

Skills Learned

Kick, punch, blocking, stances, sweeps and channeling the inner chi.

Curriculum Base

World Taekwondo Federation

Level & Age

F = Fun       A = Academy

Intro to Taekwondo 3-4 yrs (F

Taekwondo White 5-8 yrs (A)

Taekwondo White 9-12 yrs (A) 

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