Gymnastics is an Academy Class that involves all of the main muscle groups. Students of all ages learn to exercise their bodies as well as their minds. Our non-competitive classes are divided by age and ability level so that your child can develop though set levels and skills, all in a safe, carefully designed environment.

Our experienced & extensively trained coaches are determined to challenge each individual to achieve to the best of their abilities. This class covers balance and flexibility, headstands, handstands and basic tumbling. Students are also introduced to the gymnastics apparatus, such as the bars, beam, vault.


45-50 minutes


Reinforce and strengthen growth of health body and mind through more advance routines and exercises that employ speed, balance & flexibility.

Skills Learned

Bars, beam, floor, parallel bars, vaulting skills, drills, conditioning, strength, flexibility and endurance exercises.

Curriculum Base

F.I.G. Skills Progression

Level & Age

F = Fun       A = Academy

Gymnastics 6mo-3 yrs (F

Gymnastics 3-4 yrs, Level 1-3 (A)

Gymnastics 4-6 yrs, Level 1-4 (A)

Gymnastics 6-12 yrs, Level 1-8 (A)

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