Children can face many challenges in their day to day life that may be difficult to deal with. Studies have shown that practicing yoga can help a child feel calmer and balanced in their daily lives, as well as feel more comfortable with themselves. Yoga can help balance the body and the mind and aid children in their sense of self. Here are 5 small tips from the CaliKids Academy coaches than can help parents foster a love of yoga in their child.

"I Get to be Part of the Experience Too"

30 June, 2017
CaliKids Academy offers a wide range of classes, from PTX to Zumba to Taekwondo, children are guaranteed to find a class that they will love. The other great aspect of CaliKids is that children can begin taking classes there from as young as 6 months and all the way up until they reach 12 years of age!

"Our Child's Happiness is All We Need"

29 June, 2017
Each parent, and their child, comes to CaliKids Academy for a different reason. Whether it be to improve their level of fitness, broaden their academic horizons or simply to have a great time, there is something for everyone at CaliKids Academy!

Healthy Habits for the Whole Family

28 June, 2017
Regular exercise offers great benefits such as a stronger body, improved cardiovascular health and helps clear the mind. Being physically active from a young age can help your child develop healthy habits that will stay with them for life. A great way to encourage children to be more active is to do activities together as a family and lead by example. CaliKids Academy has a few tips to being an active family!