We’re all familiar with the wide range benefits that come with sports and fitness activities – improved fitness, more confidence and an inbuilt social circle. But why should girls specifically be encouraged to participate in these activities? CaliKids Academy delves into arguments supporting girl power on the athletic stage!

Different Ages and Stages: There’s Something for Everyone

01 August, 2017
As a mother with 4 year old twin boys and a 2 year old girl, one of Ms. Trinh Tran Anh Thu's first priorities when it comes to extracurricular activities is that there is something to suit each of her children. Read on with CaliKids Academy to discover more about her journey!

5 Reasons to Join Zumba Kids!

31 July, 2017
Zumba Kids is more than just your average dance class. While children will learn the basic moves of this Latin phenomenon, there are a host of other benefits that Zumba Kids can bring to your child. CaliKids Academy shares 5 reasons to join Zumba Kids today!

6 Reasons Not to Miss LEEP ASIA 2017

28 July, 2017
To celebrate CMG.ASIA’s 10th anniversary of “Making Life Better” in Vietnam, they are hosting the first ever LEEP ASIA. LEEP ASIA (Life Enhancement Expo/Performance) is an exhibition that will take place across three days, 18-20 August, and showcase the latest trends, technology and innovations related to the Life Enhancement industry. CaliKids Academy shares 6 reasons why LEEP ASIA 2017 is not to be missed!

Why MMA is Great for Kids

27 July, 2017
While currently not as popular as other forms, such as Karate or Taekwondo, MMA is actually built on those, and other, forms of martial arts, hence the name Mixed Martial Arts. MMA is a fun way for children to improve their fitness and learn a new skill but can also have a variety of other benefits. CaliKids Academy lists a few reasons as to why MMA is a great activity for children to participate in!