Building Confidence through Dance

31 August, 2017

Everyone acknowledges the importance of developing a child’s confidence. Confident children are more likely to have a wider social circle, try new activities, and be comfortable as their independence blossoms. Can dance play a part in building a child’s confidence? And if so, how? CaliKids Academy explores how children can build their confidence through dance!


Photo: CaliKids Academy

Dance can indeed build your child’s confidence in a variety of ways. One of the most obvious ways is through the provision of a social environment in which children can bond through a shared activity. Dance functions as a team effort and requires a sense of cohesion amongst the participants – this means that children learn how to work together in order to bring a routine to fruition. Many children also instinctively enjoy dancing as it taps into their creativity, so this fun environment is even more conducive to forming friendships. At CaliKids Academy, Zumba Kids is one of the dance programs offered. Zumba is considered one of the most enjoyable forms of dance that also promotes cardiovascular fitness, so children can play together whilst also improving their overall health.


The Zumba Minions event at CaliKids Academy. Photo: CaliKids Academy

Another way in which dance can improve a child’s confidence is by promoting certain reward systems and encouraging determination and perseverance. Most children require repeated practice in order to master a routine, but once they nail it this creates a surge in their confidence and joy and they learn that through practice and persistence, they can achieve what they set their minds to. This develops their ability to believe in themselves: they realize that they are competent and capable, and that just because they may not initially pick up the routine immediately, this does not have to hold them back. This is a crucial element of confidence – it is easy to be confident when you get things right straight off the bat, but much harder to believe in yourself if at first you do not succeed. CaliKids Academy offers ballet lessons, which are a perfect example of the kind of situation where a child will likely not reach prima donna levels right away, but will learn how the right attitude and determination pays off.


Photo: CaliKids Academy

One last avenue through which dance can build a child’s confidence is simple: happiness! Moving one’s body to music is a universally enjoyable activity – everyone from toddlers to the elderly likes to dance. Providing your child with that source of pleasure and endorphins enables them to feel good about themselves, and that’s really the core of anyone’s self-confidence: being happy with who you are.


CaliKids Academy offers a variety of dance lessons, taught by trained and professional coaches, all under one roof. To learn more about the dance classes on offer, or to try a free trial class, come into CaliKids Academy today!

Amelia Nguyen (Calipso)

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