Brain Boosting Activities for Toddlers

29 August, 2017

Brain growth amongst infants and toddlers is astonishingly rapid, and during this period the foundations of your child’s mind are built. These are the foundations upon which your child’s mental function will rest for their entire life, so it is no wonder many parents are keen to do as much as possible to put their child in the best possible position. CaliKids Academy provides a list of brain boosting activities your child can engage in for optimal brain development.

1. Building Blocks

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These can be used to create basic structural patterns that develop your child’s reasoning and problem-solving skills. As they learn which structures stay up and which fall down they can also improve their spatial awareness and memory.

2. Reading Together

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This can be in the form of reading children’s books together, but it can also mean reading a more mature book to your child before bedtime. Studies have demonstrated that this activity improves toddlers’ literacy by expanding their vocabulary and instigating conversations between parent and child that promote a better and more holistic understanding of the story.

3. Make-Believe Games

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It’s no secret that toddlers have vivid imaginations, and this is part of what makes childhood such a beautiful time. Encouraging them to explore their creativity in a safe and productive manner is beneficial for their language skills as it involves conceiving of ideas in words and visualizing the game they want to play. It also has social advantages as it helps children bond with one another while they play together, which has positive effects in terms of their social skills – the abilities to share and negotiate are both conducive to building great relationships with others.

4. Learning another Language

Research indicates that younger children are better placed to quickly learn multiple languages, and the benefits of doing this are significant. It promotes the child’s verbal and reading skills and challenges the brain to form new neural pathways by learning different grammatical systems.

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5. Hide and Seek

This classic childhood caper gives your child a chance to work on some practical skills such as navigation and logic – for example, by finding their way around the game environment and by working out which hiding spots are the most likely candidates.

So as can be seen, there are numerous fun activities you can participate in with your child that will make them happy whilst also promoting their brain function. If you would like to learn about some more brain boosting activities for toddlers, come into CaliKids Academy today and speak to one of our professional coaches!

Amelia Nguyen (Calipso)

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