10 Tips to Help Children Prepare for the First Day of School

30 August, 2017

Starting a new school year is an exciting time but it can also cause children to feel nervous or stressed. CaliKids Academy has some tips to help prepare your child for their first day at school!

Talk to Them about School

Let your child know why they have to go to school and all the benefits they will reap. You can also show your child pictures of their school if they are especially nervous. Don't forget to ask them about their feelings, whether they are happy or feeling anxious. If possible, organise a visit to the school so that they can see their new environment before it becomes crowded and noisy on the first day. While there you can show them where the toilets and exits are as this may help them to feel more comfortable and secure. If your child reacts negatively, try to focus more on the fun things, such as the playground or new friends.

Stay Upbeat and Fun

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Many parents will also feel some nerves when it comes to their child being away from them but remember, children can easily recognise your emotions. Try to remain as positive and cheerful as possible when talking to them about their school. If you are enthusiastic and confident, they are more likely to mirror your emotions.

Go School Supply Shopping Together

Take your child with you when you go shopping for school supplies, encouraging them to choose their own notebooks, pens, etc. This feeling of choice and involvement will help get them excited to use their new items.

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Encourage Their Independence

At home, help your child to prepare and develop skills that apply to both the household and school. Help them stick to a set schedule, as they would in school, maintain their own hygiene, etc. He or she will feel more comfortable when going to class if they are more independent. Don’t forget words of encouragement to build their confidence.

Try on the Uniform

Let you child try on their new uniform so they can see how they look but also to practice dressing themselves. You can even take a picture of them in the uniform to build confidence and then stick it on their wall so they are able to visualise how they will look on their first day.

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Meet New Friends

If you already know some of the other parents and children who will be in the same class as your child, why not organise a day out before school begins! This will help your child feel closer and not alone come the first day back! This is also good for parents as you can connect with other parents and share any worries you may have.

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Start a Routine

For adults, getting up and going to work in the morning can be easy but for children it is a challenge. Start a routine at home with your child, going to bed and waking up at the same time each day and eating meals around the same time they would if they were in school.

Talk to the Teacher

Your child’s teacher will be in expert in helping children learn and thrive in school. However, you are the one who understands your child and their needs the most so if you have concerns, speak to the teacher. Tell them your child’s strengths, habits, personality, whatever you think may help them feel more comfortable.

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Encourage You Child to Speak Up

It is important that we always encourage children to express their feelings in free, healthy manner. If your child expresses a dislike for school, don’t dismiss it immediately. Ask why they are feeling this way and try to resolve each individual problem.

The Importance of the First Day

The first impression your child has of their school could be a determining factor in how they feel about this new environment. Remember to remain positive and talk them through any discomfort they may have.

School can be a difficult time for parents and children alike and being prepared can alleviate some of the stress that comes with it. CaliKids Academy will help children develop physical and cognitive skills that will benefit them in a school environment. Come into CaliKids Academy today to register for a free trial class!

Lauren Wu (Calipso)

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