Everyone acknowledges the importance of developing a child’s confidence. Confident children are more likely to have a wider social circle, try new activities, and be comfortable as their independence blossoms. Can dance play a part in building a child’s confidence? And if so, how? CaliKids Academy explores how children can build their confidence through dance!

Brain Boosting Activities for Toddlers

29 August, 2017
Brain growth amongst infants and toddlers is astonishingly rapid, and during this period the foundations of your child’s mind are built. These are the foundations upon which your child’s mental function will rest for their entire life, so it is no wonder many parents are keen to do as much as possible to put their child in the best possible position. CaliKids Academy provides a list of brain boosting activities your child can engage in for optimal brain development.

Feeding Your Child Athlete

28 August, 2017
If you are raising a young athlete, it is imperative that you understand and meet their nutritional requirements in order to ensure that they’re fuelling themselves appropriately for their training regime. CaliKids Academy always recommends consulting a nutrition expert, but as a rough outline, the following tips are generally considered to be suitable for most typical child athletes.

The Powerful Effect of Meditation on Children

25 August, 2017
Meditation has become increasingly prominent as more and more people enthusiastically promote its soothing effects and benefits in terms of your mental and physical health. Many think of meditation as the preserve of adults, maybe teenagers too, but what about children? CaliKids Academy decided to take a look at what the children stand to gain from meditating!